Friday 9 November 2012

Just Rosy Mittens From Cutest Ever Baby Knits

 I am posting this ammended pattern for the Just Rosy mittens incase they havnt changed the text in the print run for the book. Hope it is hepful.

Using 3 ¼ mm ( Uk 10/ US 3 ) needles and pink yarn cast on 37 sts,

Commence pattern as follows

Work 3 rows garter stitch.

Break pink and join in white, Continue in pattern as follows :

Row 1: ( RS ) K1, * yfwd, sl1,K2tog,psso, yfwd, K5, repeat from * to * to last 4 sts, yfwd,sl1, K2tog, psso, yfwd, K1.

Row 2: And every following alternate row Purl.

Row 3: As Row 1.

Row 5: K4, * yfwd, sl1,K1,psso, K1, K2tog, yfwd, K3, repeat from * to * to last st , K1.

Row 7: K1, * yfwd, sl1, K2tog, psso,yfwd,K1, repeat from * to * to end.

Row 8: Purl.

These 8 rows form the pattern and are repeated throughout.

Repeat these rows once more, decreasing 3 sts evenly on the last purl row.

Change to st st, continue until you have worked 2 ¼ in ( 6cm) in st st, ending on a purl row.

Shape top.

Row 1 : K1, ( k2togtbl, K12, K2tog ) twice, k1.

Row 2 : and every following alt row, Purl.

Row 3 : K1, ( k2togtbl, K10, K2tog ) twice, k1.

Row 5 : K1, ( k2togtbl, K8, K2tog ) twice, k1.

Row 7 : K1, ( k2togtbl, K7, K2tog ) twice, k1.

Row 8: Purl. Cast off.

Make another mitten to match.

To make up, sew side seam and top of mitten. Thread ribbon through last row of holes on border pattern.

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