Saturday 5 November 2011

Cutest Ever Baby Knits Errata

A few silly mistakes/typos are showing up in my latest baby book so I thought I would list them for anyone who needs to use them.

Ballet Wrap cardigan. On the back pattern Row 5 : should read repeat from * to * to last 4sts and NOT 5sts as listed in the pattern.

Christening Bib. You should cast on 42sts and NOT 44sts as listed in the pattern.

Baby Blue Bootees : Tension should read 32sts x 36 rows.

Just Rosie Baby Set. Pattern Row 1 should read : K1, * yfwd, sl1,k2tog, psso, yfwd,K5 * rep from * to * to last 4sts, yfwd, sl1,k2tog,psso,ywfd,k1.

Teddie Hoodie : After casting off / binding off for sleeves you will be left with 41 sts and NOT 31 st as stated in the pattern.