Monday 6 April 2020

Updated Website and New Books !

 Its a long time since I have posted on my blog !  Much has happened over time, with many new patterns and also two new books due for publication this year.  The first is a new venture for me because it is a reference book of the first 100 crochet stitches needed when beginning to crochet. This lovely book is being published in May by GMC Publications and looks to be very popular already with recorded pre sales.
       The second book is a long awaited one, and is a follow on from my 20 to Make Tiny Teddies. I am really excited about this since I have had so many requests to write it.
  I also have a Designer Shop on Deramores now where you will find some free patterns to download.  I will be posting free patterns on here from time to time so do check back often.
                 Happy Crafting.

Friday 16 March 2018

 Exciting news !  I am opening a Designer Shop on Deramores website in April. You will be able to purchase some of my retired and favourite toy patterns plus the yarns needed in a kit to create them. There will also be new and exclusive designs using fabulous Rico yarns. If you have any particular favourites of my toys you would like to see in the pattern range then do let me know.  Shirley Bear in her little bag/ bed is going to be one of the designs I will be adding along with Maud the Unicorn and Mactavish the Highland Cow !   More news of the exact date the shop will be open later !!  Watch this space .....

Monday 1 May 2017

Brand New Crochet Book Out in June !!

 I have set up a Facebook page so go on over to Crossed Needles and enjoy some free patterns and catch up on news and views, plus tips and hints for you to read.
 Look out for my latest book from Search Press out on June 1st.   20 adorable pairs of the cutest baby shoes and bootees to crochet. They will sure to be something to please every one.
              Happy Knitting and Crochet !!

Tuesday 21 October 2014

Cutest Ever Baby Toys Errata

 Unfortunately the pattern for Goody Two Shoes has experienced problems so listed below is the correct version. 

Right  Shoe.
 Using needles size 3.25m ( UK 10, US 4 ) and A  cast  on 33 stitches.
Next Row : Knit.
Next Row : Knit 1, m1, knit 15, m1, knit 1, m1, knit 15, m1, knit 1. (37 stitches)
Next Row : Knit.
Next Row : Knit 2, m1, knit 15, m1, knit 3, m1, knit 15, m1, knit 2. (41 stitches)
Next Row : Knit.
Next Row : Knit 3, m 1, knit 15, m 1, knit 5, m 1, knit 15, m 1, knit 3. (45 stitches)
Next Row : Knit.
Next Row : Knit 4, m 1, knit 15, m 1, knit 7, m 1, knit 15, m 1, knit 4. (49 stitches)
  *Next Row  : Change to B and work 4 rows st st.
Next Row( Picot Row )K1 *,yfwd,k2tog *, rep from * to *  to end.
Next Row : Purl.
Next Row : Knit
Next Row : Purl. *
 Change to A  and work  14 rows garter stitch
Change to B
Next Row : Knit 16, (skpso) 4 times, knit 1, (k2tog) 4 times, knit 16.  ( 41 st )
Next Row : Knit.
Next Row : Knit 10,  cast off 21 stitches, knit across remaining 10 stitches. (This includes 1 stitch after casting off ) ***
Slip  first set of 10 stitches on holder.
Knit 3 rows and cast off.   
Rejoin yarn where you started casting off 21 sts. Cast on 13 stitches.
Next Row  : Knit across cast on sts and 10sts  from holder. (23sts )
Next Row :  (buttonhole row): Knit 18, k 2 tog, yfwd, knit 1. (21 stitches on needle)
Next Row: Knit.
Cast off
 Left shoe
Work same as for right shoe to *** . Put first set of 10 stitches on holder.
Next Row : Knit 10 stitches on needle; turn work and cast on 13 stitches at end of row .
Next Row : Knit 23 stitches .
Next Row : (buttonhole row): Knit 19,  yfwd,k2tog, knit 1.
Next Row : Knit 23 stitches.
Cast off all stitches on needle Rejoin yarn to stitches on holder.
 Knit 3 rows.  Cast off.
To Make up.
With wrong side facing,  take some variegated  yarn and a needle fold  the picot edge rows from * to *  ,  sew together matching stitch for stitch all along the row, this will form a neat picot edging on the right side of the work. Do this on the other shoe as well. Now seam the foot and back of the show.  Sew buttons on to correspond with buttons holes.  Using variegated  yarn make two tiny pom poms and sew very firmly to the fronts of each shoe.

Sunday 6 July 2014

New Books to Look Out For !!!

  I have three lovely new books finished. One is already on the shelves and the remaining two won't be far behind.  Cutest Ever Baby Toys to Knit / Cutest Ever Baby Toys to Knit and Crochet published by New Holland . The UK version is already available and contains 30 patterns for both old favourites of mine and new and exclusive designs in both knitting and crochet.  The US version is out in August and has just 20 knitted designs.
 November will see Knit-a - Bear  published. This title is by GMC Publications and contains 15 of the cutest bears out !  A mom and baby, a camo bear,  a princess bear, a sailor bear and even a skateboarding bear complete with skateboard are amonsgt some of the treats. All their outfits are mix and match so you can create a whole wardrobe of clothes for your bear.
January 2015 will see Love to Knit Rabbits published by Search Press.  This is a book with 20 different designs, all in different shapes and sizes, from mini bunnies that will sit in the palm of your hand, right up to  big cuddly bunnies with pretty dresses and headbands. There is even a Valentine Bunny complete with red heart.
March will see my latest book that I am currently working on published.  Winter Knits by New Holland publishers is a collection of 25 simple knits for hats, scarves, wristwarmers, legwarmers, socks, ponchos, easy sweaters, infact a compilation of knits to warm your hands, head and feet as well as your heart. I have used exotic yarns like Alpaca/silk, Bison, Angora and Cashmere for some of the projects but an alternative yarn is offered in each pattern.  Something a little different for me so a nice change from the usual toys.
   I will ofcourse be continuing to design an exclusive toy for Let'Knit Magazine every month as normal !!  
                  Wishing you all many hours if happy knitting and crochet . Val

Thursday 1 May 2014

Cutest Ever Baby Toys Errata

 I will list any typing errors found in my Toy book as they come to light. Hopefully yhat wont be many, sadly the gremlis tend to sneak in when no one is looking  !!

On Page 109, Tusker the Elephant.
Under Body Gusset.
 Make 2.  Work from ** to ** on Body and Head piece.

Tuesday 1 April 2014

Publishing a Book.

 I dont know where the time has gone, it is April already  !  Very busy few months in the New Year completing books to be published later in the year. Rabbits, more Teddy Bears and a compilation of my all time favourite toys plus some new and exclusive ones.
       I  find it very sad that a minority of people make such nasty remarks about one or two patterns that other folks have knitted and loved so many times before.  It does make me smile when the remarks say " they have been knitting for 60 years " and are so experienced.   I think much of this is a result of mixing up the increasing methods of m1 and knitting into the front and back of a stitch BUT one method uses a stitch, whilst the other method picks up a strand between the stitches and knits into the back of it.  The patterns do state which method to use but obviously the complainants dont bother to read those instructions.
           Most publishers employ independant pattern checkers who are supposed to go through every pattern and ammend any problems before the text is sent to print.  With knitting and crochet as you all know , it has a language of its own, one that only we crafters can understand. There are many abbreviations and asterisks added to text and if a printer should get one of these wrong, or in the wrong place then the result is a disaster.  This wont come to light until the book has been printed hence printing errors.
        It takes months to make a book from the submission of the knitted projects and pattern text until it finally goes to the printers.  During that time endless people are invloved in typing and re-typing of patterns, setting up lay outs and editing text. Every endeavour is made to try to spot any problems or typing errors but even with all that work, mistakes still filter their way through sometimes.
        Years ago every pattern used to be sent out to a check knitter who would knit from the instructions and then report any  errors, a wonderful way to check instructions indeed. However because of the rising cost and time limits in publishing these days it just isnt possible to do this any more.
         It would be wonderful to have a book with no typing errors, something I know every designer is striving towards.