Saturday 16 February 2013

Copyright Issues

I find it really sad that I have to write about this issue. As a designer I work really hard to create and make projects and also write books for other peoples pleasure. The renumeration we authours and designers get for our work is not great but that does not compare to the pleasure we get from seeing our work in publications and knowing that readers enjoy making the designs.
More and more frequently I find people photocopying my designs and on some occasions pages from my books to make money for themselves . They take my designs and pass them off as their own too . When approached they say they didn't know that it was wrong to do these things.
So to clear up any misunderstanding in the future ... It is not permitted to photocopy pages from my books or photocopy my designs and sell them in quantity for personal gain.  The designs in my books may be made for personal use and as gifts but without prior permission from myself they can not be sold in quantity for personal gain.  As is stated in the books it is perfectly acceptable to make and sell any of my designs for charitable organisations.
 I do hope that helps clear up and problems folks may have.  The vast majority of my readers just enjoy being able to knit or crochet my designs for their friends and families and that is just wonderful .  Long may they continue to do so.