Monday 6 April 2020

Updated Website and New Books !

 Its a long time since I have posted on my blog !  Much has happened over time, with many new patterns and also two new books due for publication this year.  The first is a new venture for me because it is a reference book of the first 100 crochet stitches needed when beginning to crochet. This lovely book is being published in May by GMC Publications and looks to be very popular already with recorded pre sales.
       The second book is a long awaited one, and is a follow on from my 20 to Make Tiny Teddies. I am really excited about this since I have had so many requests to write it.
  I also have a Designer Shop on Deramores now where you will find some free patterns to download.  I will be posting free patterns on here from time to time so do check back often.
                 Happy Crafting.