Friday 23 November 2012

Increase terminology

I am having quite a few emails regarding bootee patterns in some of my books. Each pattern states the way the increase should be made, either m1 or inc. It seems that some knitters are mixing up the two methods and getting into problems because of it !!   It isnt the pattern that is wrong , it just isnt being followed correctly.
 To Clarify ......
    M1 or m1 is worked by picking up the  horizontal strand of yarn that lies between the stitch you have just knitted and the next stitch on the needle,  and knitting into the back of it.

Inc or inc is worked by knitting into the back and front of the next stitch.

I am more than happy to accept and rectify any problems resulting from printing errors but it does seem a bit unfair to make scathing remarks about patterns that have not been followed correctly in the first place.  All part of lifes rich pattern I am sure : )

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