Saturday 7 December 2013

Cutest Ever Toddler Knits. Errata Page

 There have been one or two printing errors brought to my attention for the Cutest Ever Toddler  Knits. As always we do our very best to try to eliminate possible errors before the book goes to print but unfortunately the gizzmos still manage to find their way in. 
 The update below is for the puff sleeved cardigan and refers to the shoulder shaping on the back. Also the instructions for picking up the stitches to knit the neckband.  

Angora Puffed Sleever Cardigan. 
Shaping on back. 
Shape Shoulders.
    Next Row :  Cast off 5sts , K10, including the st remaining after cast off. Turn
    Next Row : Cast off 3sts, purl to end.
     Cast off remaining sts
     Slip centre 24 sts onto a stitch holder.
   Next Row :  Knit across final 15 sts, turn
   Next Row :  Cast off 5sts, purl to end.
   Next Row :  Cast off 3sts, knit to end
    Cast off remaining sts.
Picking up stitches for neckband could also be better explained.
 Using 3.25mm needles and beige begin at right front edge, pick up and knit 19sts up right front neck, 3sts from back neck shaping, 24 sts from stitch holder, 3sts up other side of back neck shaping, and 19sts down left front neck.   ( 68 sts ) 

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