Saturday 5 November 2011

Cutest Ever Baby Knits Errata

A few silly mistakes/typos are showing up in my latest baby book so I thought I would list them for anyone who needs to use them.

Ballet Wrap cardigan. On the back pattern Row 5 : should read repeat from * to * to last 4sts and NOT 5sts as listed in the pattern.

Christening Bib. You should cast on 42sts and NOT 44sts as listed in the pattern.

Baby Blue Bootees : Tension should read 32sts x 36 rows.

Just Rosie Baby Set. Pattern Row 1 should read : K1, * yfwd, sl1,k2tog, psso, yfwd,K5 * rep from * to * to last 4sts, yfwd, sl1,k2tog,psso,ywfd,k1.

Teddie Hoodie : After casting off / binding off for sleeves you will be left with 41 sts and NOT 31 st as stated in the pattern.


  1. Thank you so much I could not understand what was wrong with my knitting


  2. Omg so glad I found this - the just Rosie design was driving me mad !

  3. I'm doing the booties from the Just Rosy set and row 5 isn't working out. Any hints?

  4. Thank you....I knew something was wrong with the lace pattern,in fact I had already figured out the error but I am happy to have my correction confirmed.

    Since the lace pattern is written the same for the mittens and the booties should this correction be used for them as well?

  5. Help. So many errors on teddy I cant get the hood to work. Anyone else?

  6. Found so many mistakes on teddy hoodie pattern too. The shaping for left and right fronts are all wrong. Haven't even tackled the hood yet!!! Can't find any corrections online. Probably won't finish it!!!!!

  7. The ballet-wrap cardigan Back says cast on 57 stitches. Should this be 56 or 58? to do k1 p1 each for it wont make a rib pattern, i would need to switch off k1 p1 row 1 then p1 k1 row 2, am i missing something?