Saturday 17 September 2011

Bears, Bootees and Babies !!

It has been quite the year for me already, more books written and published and three more books in the pipe line, inbetween doing all this I design many projects for magazines too. Sometimes I wonder where I find the time, but when your job is doing what you love best then I guess it's all a pleasure and never a chore. My 20 to Make crochet bears and mini crochet christmas are doing so well, I loved designing and making the projects for them both, perhaps the Christmas book was my favourite though : ) There is just something special about a praying angel and a snowflake. I am going to put some free patterns on my web site soon, a toy of sorts I think since my toys are always so popular. Havn't decided which one as yet. My two latest books will be on sale in a couple of months time, 20 to Make Bootees and Cutest Ever Baby Knits. I loved designing and making the projects for them, though that was quite a few months ago. Nothing prettier than baby bootees and there are quite the range to chose from, super cute duckling slippers to tiny lace up baby trainers !! I love recieving all your letters, it is so nice to know that you enjoy making my designs. Folks from all around the world contact me and I endeavor to answer everyone as quickly as I can. Once again thankyou to everyone who buys my books, and those of you who knit the toys and projects I design for Knit Today and Let's Knit, youmake my hard work so worthwhile. I a always happy to help anyone, be it with problems or sourcing materials forprojects, just drop me a line ay my email on my website. Wishing you all a wonderful Fall, and Happy Knitting to everyone everywhere.

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